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When Did This Become A Video Game Podcast?


Fun Fact: Stephen likes Sonic… a lot. Zach kind of likes Sonic. They both don’t particularly like Sonic X. Why are they watching episode 2 of the oft reviled Japanese anime adaptation of the blue blur? Well, because Zach thinks it’s funny when Sonic says shit.

Beyond that, Stephen and Zachary have an in depth discussion on the merits of Sonic, Tails and everything in between as they weave in an out of the episode. That means not a lot of anime talk, but Stephen would rather talk about Sonic games anyway.

The Japanese broadcast will never be made available in America. You can grab it here. 


If you enjoyed hearing Zachary and Stephen talk about anime for 22 minutes, you also might like hearing them talk with two other excellent dudes about video games for an hour each week over at Disembodied Voices. 


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